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If yours or a loved one's rights have been violated, then you need a lawyer who has experience in civil rights issues, as well as state and federal civil rights litigation.  West Virginia civil rights litigation attorney JOHN H. BRYAN can achieve justice for you.  

There are several different types of civil rights cases that are common in West Virginia.

Police Liability:  If you have been wrongfully arrested by the West Virginia State Police, a county Sheriff's Department, or a municipal police department in West Virginia, then you may have recourse against the state or the political subdivision.  Common causes of action include wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, battery, the tort of outrage, and negligence.  These cases are complex, and involve a mine-field of legal technicalities that must be negotiated before any settlement or verdict can be achieved.

West Virginia civil rights attorney John H. Bryan is a frequent lecturer to other West Virginia attorneys on the legal and practical aspects of suing and defending West Virginia police departments and officers, and has been involved in several high profile West Virginia police liability lawsuits - both against the West Virginia State Police, and municipal police departments / County Sheriff Departments - in both state and federal court.

Governmental Liability: State government in West Virginia is massive and is made up of individuals.  When those individuals harm others through the abuse of power, or through negligence or recklessness, those who have been harmed have a right to seek justice.

Sexual Harassment: If you or a loved one has been sexually harassed, either by a government employee, or by a private corporation, then you may have recourse against your employer. But you have to act quickly, both to preserve evidence and to preserve your claim.

"Whistleblower" Actions:  If you were fired or otherwise sanctioned by your employer or the government for "blowing the whistle" on illegal or unethical conduct, then there are statutory protections that you need to know about.  These laws usually allow for the statutory recovery of attorneys fees as part of a settlement or verdict.  They may also involve complex aspects of governmental liability, that should be negotiated carefully.

JOHN H. BRYAN has experience with state and federal civil rights.  He worked as an investigator of police misconduct for the Special Litigation Section of the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  He also handles governmental and police liability and civil rights litigation cases statewide in West Virginia.

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